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Google’s Competitor “Yep”. Ahref reveal Yep Search Engine

Google's Competitor “Yep”. Yes, Ahref reveal “Yep” Search Engine

What do you think that Google is the only one that can offer a search engine? Absolutely No! No one can come with its new search engine. Planning is everything to start a new business. Without proper planning, you can’t run a business. But with proper planning, Ahref reveal its search Engine named “Yep”.

What we discuss?

  • What is Ahref?
  • Yep Search Engine
  • Why Ahref starts its Yep Search Engine
  • Why its name is Yep?
  • What factors count on Yep’s Privacy?
  • What is Revenue Sharing of Yep Search Engine
  • How Yep Search Engine works?
  • How yep crawl the Website?

You are confused that what is Ahref? Let me tell you about Ahref.

What is Ahref?

Ahref is one of the best and most popular SEO tools. This offers many SEO services such as link building, website audit, Keyword Research, Ranking, traffic tracking, etc.  It helps marketing professionals and marketing is its main aim. 

Yep Search Engine

Ahref just launched its Search Engine. Google is the competitor of Yep Search Engine. Yep is the web search engine. This offers only News, Blogs, and products. It is not offering video and photo etc options in its search features. Yep, it only operates in a few countries but later on, it will be launched in all countries. 

Why Ahref starts Yep Search Engine

As Ahref, they didn’t fetch the data from Google. In 2010, Ahref started the work to launch its search engine. As we discussed that Ahref is an SEO tool. So, its aim is to gather the data of all the websites and they do it perfectly.

They make the proper plan to launch their Search Engine. For many years they just gather the data of all the websites and save it in their Database. They were also monitoring the right time to launch it. So, after all the factors, finally, they launched its Yep Search Engine in 2022. 

Why its name is Yep?

As such, there is not any reason behind it. But the Ahref team likes avatar characters in which the “yip yip” word is used.

Before choosing the name of anything is a big challenge. They have to check many factors that the name should be unique, the mouth of the word, short, etc.

So, “Yep” is the only name that fulfills all the conditions. In daily routine, everyone is using yep to agree with one another. That’s why Ahref selects the name for its Search Engine Yep.

Yep’s Privacy Factor

The good thing about its privacy is that yep didn’t fetch the personal information of the user. Even they will not store your history data. Yep only save the data which is information for user but not personal data. 

Revenue Sharing of Yep Search Engine

As compared to Google AdSense, the revenue share of Yep is much better just because of its new launch. Ahref is offering 90% revenue share to its user. User can earn much from it.

Let’s support the user earn $100. Ahref will release $90 to its user and $10 for its profit. Ahref release the payment when $100 will complete in user’s account.

How Yep works?

Yep Search Engine relies on user activities. How do users interact with the website? How much time does the user spend on a website? These are just two factors moreover, Ahref counts relevancy, uniqueness, and keywords. Ahref shows the results which are most relevant for the user. 

How yep crawl the Website?

Due to the new search engine in the market, Yep’s aim is to crawl as soon as possible. Yep send their bots to the websites to collect the data. Yep crawler’s name is AhrefBots but later on, it will replace with “YepBots”

As Ahref, their bots are the second-highest active that can bot more than 8 billion websites in a day. 


Ahref’s aim is to make one of the best search engines to yep. Yep has user-friendly in which user can easily get the information which they want.

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