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Read before Buying 5 Most Common iPhone Issues?

Read before Buying Most Common iPhone Issues?

IPhone users are just in swag because of its look. We all like iPhone due to its IOS version. Its user interface is very interactive and it has a lot of functionalities. No doubt it is a top brand phone. But users don’t know the issues which iPhones have. There are a lot of issues that they face after updating the IOS version. As we all know that there is no device that is quite problem-free. Here are some most common iPhone issues which we discuss. 

IPhone’s Most Common Issues

  • Battery Problem
  • Overheating iPhone
  • Camera Crash Problem
  • Proximity Sensor Problem
  • IPhone Touch Problem

Battery Problem

The battery problem is one of the most common iPhone issues. This is mainly because of heavy IOS version functionality. It takes a lot of time to charge but gradually decreases the battery. When you upgrade your IOS version your battery timing performance will encounter.

If you want to overcome this issue, you need to uninstall heavy iPhone apps such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Moreover, you have to plugin to charge until it will not full. Don’t use the phone while charging. 

Overheating iPhone

Maybe, sometimes you faced the issue that your iPhone needs to cool down. It is because of using your phone in sunlight or you’re continuously using your phone without any rest then your device will be heated. 

If you want to fix the solution then you need to close all the apps, restart your device, don’t use it in a heat place, and give rest to your device while using. 

Camera Crash Problem

IPhone recognizes by its camera. The camera is one of its best providing things which users like most. But what if you’re using a camera and suddenly it crashes. The iPhone camera is best for photography. Use the camera patiently so, you will not face this issue.

Restore your factory setting to just fix this problem but before restoring you need to close all the apps and rest for a while. Hope it will resolve it.

Proximity Sensor Problem

Senor not working is one of the bad issues in the iPhone. If you are on call and your screen is not closed or black then it means your phone senor is not working. If you have replaced your display then it’s advisable to replace it carefully.

This problem can be caused by two reasons any physical issue or software issue. You need to change the strip of the sensor or install any software that is expert in it. 

IPhone Touch Problem

If you’re using your device and your screen means touch is not working then you will always in worried that why is it not working? Don’t worry about it. Just make sure that your screen is clean or dry. If it is then you need to restart your device to overcome it.

But in case it will happen due to your display damage then maybe you need to go to the shop to fix it.


I hope the article gives you the best guide on how to fix the most common iPhone issues. Without any doubt, iPhone is one of the top brands but there is no device that is perfect. There are also more problems such as iPhone data sharing, FaceID disables, and Bluetooth connectivity. 

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