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Top 5 Best Free Calling Apps for Android without Credit

Top 5 Best free calling apps for Android

What if you want to make an international call for any purpose? Do you use your sim card for it? If, Yes then it will be cost-effective for you. So, you’ll forget this option. You need to choose that way which is free for you. Yes, here we will tell you the best free calling apps for android. There are many calling apps without the credit that will help you to make international calls.

Keep in mind before selecting the calling apps for android that it is not a scam. Before choosing the right app, go through all the reviews of the apps you want to choose. Many third parties offer free calling apps for android, but they are not trustable. So, beware of it. Choosing the best app is challenging, but we are always here to make it easy for you.

Best Calling Apps for Android without Credit

The best and most trustable calling apps are given below, which we pick for you. We test these apps for a better experience. Let’s look at the best free calling apps for android without any cost.

  1. WhatsApp
  2. Facebook Messenger
  3. Skype
  4. Zoom
  5. Microsoft Team


When we listen to free calling apps, Whatsapp is always on the top of the list. WhatsApp is one of the best and most popular social apps. There are 5 Billion+ downloads of WhatsApp. It provides you facilities to chat, voice call, video calls, update status, etc. It is an amazing and trustable app for users.

How to use it and make a free call?

  • Install the Whatsapp
  • Make the account with your SIM number
  • Add the contact number which you want to call.
  • Call them and enjoy.


  • Free to install.
  • Use the internet for it.
  • Supported on all Android OS versions.

Facebook Messenger

The second best free calling app for android is the Facebook messenger. Why did we forget to mention this app? This app has all the features for international calls without any cost. There are 5 Billion+ downloads of messenger, according to the play store.

How to Use Messenger and call?

  • Install Facebook and messenger app.
  • Create a Facebook account and connect with messenger
  • Add to your friend which you want to an international call.
  • Click the call action on messenger and enjoy the buzz.


  • No cost of download
  • Need internet to use it.
  • All versions are available on Android devices.


Skype is on the third list. This is used for chatting, voice call, video calls, and sharing screen. There is 1 Billion+ download of skype on android devices. This is the best and most dedicated app from which you can make free calls locally and internationally.

How to Use and Call?

  • Install Skype from Play Store
  • Create the account through email.
  • Add your friend
  • Call them for a better experience


  • Free of cost
  • All versions are available on Android Devices
  • Screen sharing option
  • Use of the internet for it


Yes, zoom; you will remember the education by hearing about this app. Zoom will get the hype on corona for education purposes. There are 500 Million downloads on Android devices. You can do voice calls, video calls, and screen sharing through zoom. Through the call, you can chat with the person who can add you to the ring.

How to Use and Call?

  • Install the zoom app from the Play Store
  • Create the account
  • Share the link to the meeting from the New Meeting
  • Accept the request to enter the participant in the meeting


  • Free to use
  • Need of internet
  • Screen sharing and Screen control option of another participant

Microsoft Team

Microsoft Team is one of the secure and trustable apps. On a fifth of the list, the Microsoft team is. In this app, only participants are eligible to call, by which you will add a third person to access the calls. There are 100 Million+ downloads on android.

How to Use and Call?

  • Install it from the Play store
  • Create an account through email
  • Add the participant to your list and enjoy the call.


  • Free of use
  • Need internet for it.
  • Secure to use
  • All versions are available on Android OS


Above, we discuss the best calling apps for Android devices without credit. This will help you to find the best app according to your desire. We have picked the apps because of your time-saving. The apps will help you make local and international calls and chat without any credit but the need for the internet. As we all know, the internet is everyone’s need. So, there will be no difficulty with a call through the apps instead of a SIM number call, which will cost you.

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