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6 Crazy Popular iPhone Free Apps you need to Install

6 Crazy Popular iPhone Free Apps you need to keep on your Phone

IPhone is just an emotion for everyone. As everyone knows the iPhone provides crazy functionalities as compared to other cell phone devices. When you purchase iPhone you need some crazy popular iPhone apps which help you to enjoy your moments.

The iPhone has already pre-installed apps like iTunes, Safari, FaceTime, Find my phone, TV, etc. But these are not enough apps to entertain you. So, there are a lot of free crazy iPhone apps which enhance the functionalities of your device. Pre-installed apps are not helping you to learn new things, enjoy music, be socializing, etc. After downloading the free iPhone apps, your device features will increase and make you happy.

Crazy Popular iPhone Free Apps

  • Google Map
  • Facebook
  • Spotify
  • Duolingo
  • Youtube
  • Amazon

Google Map

Google Map is one of the best free apps which helps you to find the well-suited path for your designation. Once you add “where to go” it will help you to choose the shortest path. It will provide you with facilities to tell you about traffic jams and tolls.

Google Map has one best feature that it works offline too once loaded. The app is user-friendly that is easy to use and find your path.


Facebook is one of the best free social media apps which help you to socialize. While there are tons of social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc all need to be installed.

With Facebook, you can connect with many people. You can also sell or purchase the products from Facebook Marketplace. You can also market your business through Facebook. 


Everyone needs to listen to music, so obviously they need an app for it. Spotify will provide you the facility to listen to music according to your desire. Spotify is the best music streaming app with 50 million-plus downloads.

You can add the music to your favorite list and listen later too. Spotify has many interesting podcasts. The free app provides you with many facilities from which you will enjoy the music according to your taste. 


If you ever wish to learn the language, you don’t need to worry. No need for teachers in this digital world. Duolingo will help you to learn new languages that help you to speak multiple languages. Learning new languages is just a wow.

It will help you in your career, profession, etc. If you spend 20 minutes in the app then you will learn more things. As quote “Something is better than nothing”. Your daily 20 minutes will make you professional in any language. 


As heard the word Youtube, your mind always clicks on interesting videos. Youtube has billion of videos that are based on information, music, etc. Many People earn from Youtube by posting videos.


Why Amazon? Amazon is a popular app that helps you shop online and create your own store.

Amazon will help you to buy things sitting at home. You can also do business on it by creating a store. You can launch your product to fulfill all the requirements of amazon. Amazon offers in all countries except a few.


There are a lot of free iPhone apps but these are just a few which are necessary to install. I’d recommend that must download these crazy free apps for your iPhone. If you want to enjoy your moment then you should keep these apps on your device.

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