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5 Best Android Cleaner Apps That Work 2024

5 Best Android Cleaner Apps that Work 2022

As humans brush their teeth daily, you need to brush your Android devices to clean up. That will perfectly perform with selecting the best android cleaner app. It will help boost your device’s performance and clear your junk files.

Regular maintenance of devices isn’t necessary, but if you do, your Android device’s performance will automatically improve.

Android Cleaner is an application that will optimize and clean your devices with unnecessary files, boost your device performance, and enhance battery time.

Pick up the Best Android Cleaner App is tricky but this article will help you. 

Best Android Cleaner Apps 2024

  1. Avast
  2. Droid Optimizer
  3. All-in-one Toolbox
  4. SD Maid
  5. One Booster


Avast is one of the top Android Cleaning apps that help you to clear all your junk files. Antivirus is easy to use, boosting performance and saving your battery time. The main thing is that it will automatically turn off the heavy-loaded device’s apps and turn on the battery power save option. 


  • Free to Download
  • Available for 5.0 to above OS version
  • Remove all pre-installed and unwanted apps

Droid Optimizer

Droid Optimizer is a lightweight cleaner app for Android. It increases the productivity of the device to reduce the load on RAM. The main thing about the app is that the app is ads-free and it tells you that your device needs to be cleaned.  


  • Free to Download
  • One tap cleaner option
  • Available for all OS versions

All-in-one Toolbox

As the name All-in-one Toolbox, this app will provide you with all the features to check your battery health, the temperature of your device CPU, and more. The app will help you clean the unnecessary files hurting your device’s performance. Features

  • Free Installation
  • All Android OS versions are available
  • Analyze your device Performance

SD Maid

SD Maid is the Best Cleaner app for Android. It helps you to increase your mobile performance and remove all the junk files. Another thing the app helps users with is that it will detect all unnecessary and duplicated photos, videos, and music.  


  • No cost to Install
  • All OS versions are Available
  • You can control installed, users, and system apps

One Booster

One Booster is the best Cleaner app for Android to boost your Android devices. It helps to speed up your devices once you boost your phone from one booster. The app will help clear all the malware files and save battery performance.


  • There is no cost to install the app
  • You can install it in all OS versions.
  • It will help to clean the app cache.


Above, we discuss the best cleaner apps for Android. You can select anyone to boost your Android devices. Sometimes, you feel that your device’s performance is slow means your mobile phone is working slowly. To make them fast you need to use cleaner apps and boost the performance. The apps will help you to clear all the junk files and malware from your smartphones.

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